Everyone talks about the jet packs they are missing out on now that it’s 2016. We think there is plenty of amazing, Jetsons-like technology around right now. For example, have you ever seen how white and perfect the Jetson family’s teeth are? If you don’t remember from the cartoon, here’s something to refresh your memory.Could The Jetsons World of Perfect Teeth Be a Reality?

They have the most perfect, gleaming white teeth a cartoonist can draw! We may not have flying cars, jet packs or personal robots yet, but we can create perfect teeth with the modern dental technology.

We aren’t just talking about bright white teeth or even straight teeth. Modern technology allows us to create and implant entirely new teeth when old ones get broken, become decayed, or even fall out.

Dental implants – the “Jetsons teeth” of our time

Anyone can lose a tooth. Whether you have had an accident or a health crisis, sometimes a tooth is lost, and it seems like there is not a whole lot you can do about it. In previous years you would have had to use dentures or get a bridge. Thanks to technology worthy of the Jetsons, now you can get a long-term, permanent solution to tooth loss. These are called “dental implants.”

An implant is basically a titanium post that is installed into your jawbone, then capped with a crown that looks exactly like a natural tooth. For many, dental implants are replacing the need for dentures.

Why are dental implants the “perfect teeth of tomorrow?”

Implants are pretty amazing for several reasons. First, they feel like your regular old teeth. You clean them just like you do with your natural teeth, chew with them, and speak easily without having to secure dentures to your gums. Do you remember anyone in the Jetsons using dentures? I sure don’t.

Also, dental implants fuse with your jaw and actually support your jawbone by preventing bone loss. That sounds incredible, but it’s true. Basically, your jaw is there to support your teeth. If you lose one or several teeth, your jawbone will begin to diminish over time. But the titanium post of an implant fuses with the jawbone, giving it something to support again. This dental procedure can stimulate bone growth – keeping your jaw healthy.

Finally… you will never, ever get a cavity in the crown of your dental implant. So, no need to worry about fillings there, ever again!

Are you interested in the teeth of the future?

Dental implants are so amazingly futuristic; it’s no wonder they remind us that we are living in a post-Jetsons world, filled with flying cars and jetpacks! Oops, sorry, I let my imagination run away with me. But we are living in a pretty incredible world, filled with new technology, conveniences, and medical procedures that restore both the dignity and health of our patients.

So, if you have lost a tooth or teeth, be sure to contact us and find out if dental implants are right for you. We can’t wait to see you on our videophones – or hear from you on our office phone!