Archeologists have found evidence that prehistoric humans performed dental procedures over 9,000 years ago! We can barely imagine how painful those procedures might have been, and thankfully, our patients today do not have to! Patients today have it easy by comparison, and that’s the way we like it.

We want to show off all of the amazing gadgets that we use at Gladstone Family Dentistry because they help us do our jobs better. If you’ve ever been curious about the tools we use, what they do, and how they work, this post is for you!

3D digital x-rays with our cone beam x-ray machine


The cone beam x-ray machine is a major improvement on old fashioned x-rays. This tool lets us make a three-dimensional image of your teeth and jaw that offers us a wealth of information that we can use in your treatment. The secret of the technology is that instead of just a few images, it takes several with a digital x-ray camera that revolves around your head. Then, a computer combines all the images so that we can look at your mouth from any angle—it makes us feel just a bit like superheroes.

Fast and pain-free laser surgery

The future is here! Lasers are no longer science fiction, but an integral part of modern dentistry. We love laser technology because it makes dental procedures pain-free, fast, and in some cases eliminates the need for the patient to undergo anesthesia.

In-office Whitening in just an hour!


In just an hour with this high intensity light, we can offer tooth whitening that delivers results far superior to over-the-counter whitening strips. Here’s how it works: we apply the special light-sensitive whitening gel to your teeth, then we cover your eyes with protective glasses while you sit back and relax, and finally we set up the light in front of your mouth and let the gel do its magic on your teeth. You’ll be free to read a book, listen to music, or watch a movie while it happens. It’s not exactly like lying on the beach, but it’s pretty darn close.

Take a closer look with our intraoral camera

This is a special digital camera that lets us take high resolution images of your teeth that we can use to see problems that the naked eye can’t. During an examination, we might notice  discoloration on a tooth, but we can’t quite tell what it is. Maybe it’s just a stain, or maybe it’s a cavity. With an image taken by this camera, we can zoom in and really understand what we’re seeing. And one of our favorite parts is that we can show you the image so, if you want to, you can see what we see!

Let us put this great technology to work for you!

Call our office to learn more about the tools we use and how they can make your dental care more comfortable, more comprehensive and more effective. We’re accepting new patients, and we can’t wait to meet you!