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Gladstone Family Dentistry’s Dr. Jeremy Kato has the expertise to provide you the treatment options that will best fit your dental needs with replacing any missing teeth. Single dental implants are just one of the options typically recommended.

Single & Multiple Dental Implants

A dental implant is designed to provide support, function, and a natural look. Dental implants are designed to replace already missing teeth, or teeth that may need to be removed.

At Gladstone Family Dentistry Dr. Jeremy Kato has the expertise to provide you with treatment options that will best fit your dental needs with replacing any missing teeth. Single Dental Implants are just one of the options they may recommend.

What is a Dental Implant Crown?
A dental implant crown is made of three different components that will attach to each other for your final restoration. The three different parts are the placement of the implant post, Implant abutment, Implant Crown.

 Implant Post
A dental implant is a titanium post that is surgically placed in healthy bone. This is the part of the implant that replaces the root structure of a natural tooth.  Before placing an implant post into the bone Dr. Jeremy Kato will make sure your bone is healthy to support an implant placement.

Implant Abutment
An implant abutment is a connector that will build into or attach the top of your dental implant crown.  The attachment connects the implant with the implant crown to keep it firmly in place. Dr. Jeremy Kato is an experienced dentist with being able to complete the entire implant tooth from start to finish.

 Implant Crown
An implant crown is custom made to your implant abutment to attach to the implant post. The implant crown is the final restoration to completing your new implant tooth. An implant crown looks and feels close to your natural tooth. The implant crown will provide you with the ability to chew, smile, and have confidence in your over all dental health. Dr. Jeremy Kato will permanently cement your implant crown, adjust the bite, and make sure the final restoration fits your bite.

What you can expect from start to finish with completing your implant crown.

Phase 1:  Placing your Implant Post
Once your bone is healthy and ready to place your dental implant post. You can expect this to take one appointment to place the implant post into your bone. Once the implant is placed securely into your healthy bone it will take up to 4 – 6 months for the bone to adhere to your dental implant post. Note between the 4 – 6 months of healing you will have follow up appointments to check for the progress of your treatment. These appointments will be short and quick. At these visit the dental assistant will take and updated image x-ray for the dentist to review.  Dr. Jeremy Kato will walk you through the entire process from the time he places our implant post, to completing your final implant crown.

Phase 2: Attaching Implant Crown to Implant
After completing 4 -6 months of healing with your implant post now secure in the bone. It will be time to take the final impressions for making your permanent dental implant crown. At this appointment final impression will be taken to send off to our professional dental lab to have your implant crown custom made to you. This will take about 3 weeks to have made. Dr. Jeremy Kato will complete the final impression for your implant crown to be custom fitted to your implant post.

Phase 3: Seat Implant Crown
At this phase of your treatment you can expect to have your final implant crown seated permanently into your mouth. You will leave your appointment with a new tooth that feels and functions as a natural tooth. Dr. Jeremy Kato will permanently cement your final implant crown to your implant attachment and implant post. Dr. Jeremy Kato will recommend you have our teeth professionally cleaned at least 2 time a year in order to maintain healthy bone around your new investment of your implant crown.

Dental Implant Bridge

Dr. Jeremy Kato may recommend an implant bridge when a patient is missing a single or multiple teeth next to each other.  Since a dental implant bridge can provide a way to fill a gap between one or more missing teeth. A bridge is made up of two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap to be anchoring teeth to attach a false tooth between. This allows you to have less single implant post with utilizing placing 2 implants to support the false teeth in between were you might be missing 1 or more teeth.

What you can expect from start to finish with completing Implant Bridge.

Phase 1: Final impression for implants bridge
Note the implants have already been placed and have healed.

At this visit the dentist will take the final impressions for completing sending off to their dental lab to have custom made to your mouth. You will leave this visit with provisional crowns, which will allow you to eat during your wait time of 3 weeks.

Phase 2: Seat Implant Bridge
After about 3 weeks you will complete your final appointment with having your permanent implant bridge to be fitted and seated. You will leave this visit with being able to smile, chew, and laugh & talk as normal.

Implant Dentures

Implant dentures is a great option for treatment for someone who has traditional dentures that do not fit, or will be losing all of their natural teeth. An implant denture is designed to support an over denture that attaches to single implants through out your mouth. The following are some implant denture options:

4 on 4 Implant Dentures
4 on 4 implant dentures is a very common type of denture that patients have chosen over the years and have found to be a great option to replacing all their missing teeth. With a 4 on 4 Dr. Jeremy Kato will recommend you have 4 single implant post placed strategically throughout your lower jaw. This will provide support to maintaining the health of your bone that is left after having all your teeth removed. The implant post will also provide a way to attach the implant denture to securely hold your denture in place when you eat, speak, and laugh.

What to expect when designing an implant 4 on 4 dentures:

Step 1: Implant post

Step 2: Implant attachments

Step 3: Implant Denture

Phase 1: Implant Post placed
Once all your teeth have been extracted the next step is placing your dental implant post. When placing the implant titanium post you will find it a very straightforward and comfortable procedure. Dr. Jeremy Kato will make sure you are good and numb in the area of placement. Once your ready he will begin placing your implant. This process can be a well balance time in your appointment.

Phase 2: Implant Denture
Depending on your current needs Dr. Jeremy Kato might provide you a denture to wear through out the phase of your treatment. Once the implants are set and ready to have the denture attached to the implants Dr. Jeremy Kato will complete the final impression.

Phase 3: Seat implant Denture
This is the appointment you have been waiting for. The day everything comes together. You implant denture will not be customized to your implant post, implant attachments to your implant denture. You will now have the choice of leaving in your dentures and removing when you desire.


Dental Extractions may be needed for many reasons.

  • Wisdom teeth that are hurting, infected, and or have no room in your mouth.
  • A tooth that has been fractured through to the root and cant be saved.
  • A tooth that is severely decayed into the root.
  • A tooth that has no foundation or structure to restore.
  • Orthodontic treatment with over crowding teeth.

At Gladstone Family Dentistry our doctors can provide and recommend the best treatment for you as the patient when it is time to make decisions for removing any teeth. Our goal is to protect and save as many natural teeth as possible.

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