Lasers are pretty amazing tools. Laser lights can be used in a presentation, to keep a pet entertained, and lasers can also be extremely efficient medical devices! Dentists have actually been using lasers for precise and gentle dental work since 1994 – and technology has only improved since then. Just think about how much our cell phones have changed from 1994 – and you can only imagine how much progress techies have made in the world of laser technology!

Doing Precision Dental Work with Lasers – Easier than Playing Laser Tag

We use lasers here at Gladstone Family Dentistry to sculpt gum tissue for both cosmetic reasons and health reasons. Lasers can be used to decontaminate pockets of gum disease during the planing and scaling procedure that treats periodontal disease. Additionally, they can be used cosmetically to make gums look more even or to change a “gummy smile” to a beautiful grin.

The fantastic thing about lasers is they are easy to use, extremely precise, and very sterile. Also, they can cut down on healing times from dental surgery – making a recovery a pain-free breeze. Finally, lasers are quiet, so you don’t have to hear that drilling sound which so many dental tools make.

We’ve played laser tag, and we’ve used dental lasers, so we can say with years of expertise behind us – a dental laser is much easier to use and far more reliable than the devices they provide during laser tag!

Lasers are an Important Part of Pain-Free Dentistry

Our goal here at Gladstone Family Dentistry is to create a comfortable, pain-free environment for our patients. That’s why we offer sedation dentistry to anxious patients and why we opt for modern tools like lasers to keep things clean, accurate, and comfortable.

When we use a dental laser to work on your mouth, very minimal anesthetic is needed – and it doesn’t harm your teeth. Additionally, lasers can be used even if you have implants, crowns, braces, or other dental devices.

We embrace modern technology like lasers to help our patients have a better overall experience at our office. If you would like to know more about our pain-free dental options, be sure to give us a call. We are here to make your oral care a breeze.