If the thought of flossing your teeth makes you cringe, you’re not alone. Dentists are like Santa Claus… we know when you’ve been flossing… and when it’s been sitting in your medicine cabinet untouched for the past year!

And while we strongly encourage you to floss your teeth every day, you may have found yourself with an overabundance of those sample floss containers that you never seem to put to use. (We’re not judging. But please… do floss your teeth.)

Well, we’re here to save the day! Without further ado, we give you 10 creative ways to make dental floss fun!

  1. String Popcorn

The holidays are coming up, and what better way to trim your tree than with an old-fashioned string of popcorn? Dental floss serves as a strong threading for keeping your handmade garland beautiful all season long!

  1. Make a Cereal Necklace

Looking for a fun kids craft? String together your child’s favorite cereal to make edible bracelets and necklaces. Choose Cheerios for a natural look or opt for Fruit Loops for a colorful creation.

  1. Fix an Eyeglass Emergency

If you’ve ever spent an hour searching for the tiny screw that fell out of your eyeglasses, we have a better way. Simply thread a piece of dental floss through the screw holes, tie a knot and cut off the excess. This will hold you over until you can have them professionally fixed… or until you find that elusive screw.

  1. Hang Decorations & Accessories

Dental floss is incredibly strong and sturdy! Use it to suspend your wind chime, small artwork, ornaments and more. Going camping? Tie it across your tent or nearby poles to hang accessories on or to dry small articles of clothing.

  1. Support Vining Plants

Have a plant that climbs upward? Provide sturdy support to these vining beauties by tying them to wooden dowels or sticks using floss, and you’ll help them keep reaching for the sky.

  1. Slice Soft Foods

Floss serves as a great knife for cutting slices of cheese, hard-boiled eggs, cake and uncut cinnamon rolls. Perfect for camping when you don’t want to carry around your kitchen knives!

  1. Tie Your Shoes

 Shoelace break on the go? Dental floss makes a strong alternative until you can replace them.

  1. Dye Easter Eggs

After hard-boiling, drying and cooling your eggs, tie a few pieces of floss around the outer shell in various directions. Dip your eggs into the dye, then remove the floss to marvel at the patterns.

  1. Sew a Button

Thread some sturdy floss on a needle to mend tote bags, clothing or to sew buttons back on. It’s a long-lasting fix!

  1. Start a Fire

Did you know that you can start an easy fire by wrapping dry sticks or kindling bundles with floss, then lighting it? Now you do, and you’ll be the hero of every fall bonfire!

Have fun putting your floss to creative use! (But really, please floss your teeth, too.)