We had a great time talking with seniors at the Gladstone Senior Center at a free workshop we gave there on March 30, 2015. Here’s one of our hygienists, Connie, discussing the higher incidence of dry mouth in seniors who are taking medications. Some of the products on the table in front of her are great for a senior’s special needs, like special sugar-free lozenges to stimulate the production of saliva to combat dry mouth. There are many products just for seniors that we sell in the clinic.

One question that came up was about dental implants: why are they so expensive? The answer is that implants take concentrated work from several specially trained people. Our own Dr. Kato, who is specially trained in this procedure, and the dental lab that builds your implants using titanium and a custom-made crown, all work hard to make sure that this cutting-edge technology is perfect for your mouth. You’re not looking for a “good enough” fit, and neither are we. We want the best fit possible, to last you for your whole life.

We understand that the high price of implants can be shocking, but we wouldn’t offer them if the benefits weren’t incredible for patients! We believe that implants offer our patients an incredible value: comfort and life-long durability. It’s hard to beat that! You can read more about implants here.