This year 45% of Americans will make new year’s resolutions – and about 40% of those resolutions will be health-related. You may be looking to lose weight, become more healthy generally, or improve your oral health in 2017. Here at Gladstone Family Dentistry, we are excited to root you on and help you accomplish your health new year’s resolutions.

However, many people don’t make resolutions because they feel like they won’t accomplish anything or they have become discouraged with making resolutions over the years. While we understand not making resolutions, we do encourage all of our patients, friends, and family to work on improving their health in 2017.  In that spirit, we are providing several strategies you can use to accomplish your health goals in the new year.

Any other name will smell as sweet

In the famous play, Romeo and Juliet, Juliet tells Romeo “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” The idea is that you can call a person or thing anything you want – but they will always be fundamentally the same thing. So, if you hate “new year’s resolutions,” but you want to accomplish specific goals in 2017, don’t call them “resolutions.”

Instead, call your objectives something that doesn’t remind you of past years. For example, you can call the things you’d like to accomplish in the new year: goals, objectives, targets, aims, intentions, missions, or decisions.

Don’t “go big or go home.”

You aren’t the state of Texas, so you can keep your health goals moderate. You might simply want to cut back on sugar, lose a pound every two months, start running or get to all of your regular doctor/dentist appointments this year. Keeping your goals simple and easy to accomplish will help you actually achieve them in 2017.

Take it slow

We often take on too many resolutions at once – and then give up on all of them. This is a lot like trying to carry every bag of groceries into the house simultaneously. At some point, you need to put them down! So, try taking on new health habits slowly throughout the year, rather than attempting to tackle them all at once.

A great one to begin with is – start flossing nightly! We know that’s a tough one, but it can make a significant impact on your health.

Don’t beat yourself up over a slip-up

Everyone is human and we sometimes slide back into old habits. That’s okay! If you miss accomplishing your goal or a portion of your goal after a month or two, you don’t have to wait until 2018 to try again! Just keep pushing forward.

For example, if one of your health resolutions was to get to your recommended doctor’s and dental appointments this year and you miss one – don’t sweat it! Just reschedule the appointment and move on. If your resolution was to cut down on sugar and your coworker starts bringing in cookies that you can’t resist, it’s okay! Simply bring some healthy snacks and keep trying to cut back on sugar throughout the rest of the year.

Take on some extra responsibility

Pair up with a friend or family member as “accountability partners.” You can help your loved one accomplish their goals and they can help you achieve yours! Just make sure they know that you expect to be forgiven for slip-ups and assisted in overcoming temptations – not scolded for messing up.

Are you hoping to boost your health in 2017 by making it to all of your dental and doctor’s appointments? Get those appointments set up today! Contact Gladstone Family Dentistry and we will help you schedule your next oral exam and cleaning.