There are foods out there that can have a lot of negative consequences for your teeth, especially if you indulge in these foods on a regular basis.

Hard candy is especially bad for your teeth, even if it is a refreshing mint. Hard candies that you suck on, such as cough drops or mints, can break down the minerals in your teeth. When you are sucking on hard candy and let it sit in one place for a long time, acids build up in that spot.

Sports drinks like Gatorade are surprisingly bad for your teeth as well. They have lots of sugar and are also acidic, both of which can have negative effects on your teeth. Not to mention, the thick and sugary liquid can stick to your teeth for hours and prevent saliva from reaching the surface. When it comes to staying hydrated, using plain old water is much better for your teeth and your overall health.
This may seem obvious, but lemons are also bad for your teeth. Lemons contain lots of sugar and are very acidic. If you suck on a lemon, then the citric acid and sugar come in direct contact with your teeth and strips away the minerals in your tooth enamel. Citric acid in general is bad for your teeth and breaks down the minerals in your enamel.